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They are sounds recorded on electronic devices that are interpreted as voices or messages from the dead. The voices are either caught unintentionally or could form part of a contacting session, where people look to have specific questions answered by spirits. EVP recordings are most often short noises or a very short phrase. While some swear by the clarity of these recordings, others believe that it is mostly personal interpretation as to what is being said.

EVP is typically recorded with what is called a spirit box, like this one on Amazon. There was a spiritualist movement between and People more openly believed that spirits could be reached through mediums. Mediums could be anything from a gifted person to an electronic device. American photographer, Attila von Szalay was the first person to try and record the voices of spirits, or at least capture these voices on recordings.

The Best Ghost Hunting Apps

Although he started attempting to record spirits in , he only managed to achieve what he thought was a successful recording in using a reel-to-reel tape recorder. He believed these noises to be voices of the dead. Auditory pareidolia is when the brain incorrectly reads or interprets random patterns or signals as being familiar. The most prominent evidence of this is that the researcher always hears the voice in a language they understand, and not of an unfamiliar language.

The chances of this happening each time is unlikely and stands to reason that the random noise is just being interpreted as a human voice, to whichever word sounds more likely. The willingness to hear a voice is the reason that a voice is heard — as skeptics say. There are some decent apps that you can download onto your phone to contact the dead. Simply download the app, ask the spirits some questions while recording, and play back the recording later on.

Hopefully, you would have caught something interesting or prominent, something that shows that the spirits around you exist and are willing to talk.

How to use your iPhone as a ghost hunting tool this Halloween

As with everything technological, there are a lot of really badly made or fake apps on the market. Some that just throw in random voices or words into recordings to try and trick you into believing you have caught something unbelievable. To save you the trouble of downloading countless EVP apps and finding most of them to be disastrous, here are the best EVP apps for you to try. The below apps are the best out there and will definitely be worth your time to try out.

Now, although all of these work to an extent, none of them will work as well as actually picking up a quality spirit box.

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The best by far, and the one most often used by ghost hunters is this one you can actually pick up on Amazon. This is one of the best EVP apps to download onto your phone. Together with the EMF detector, this ghost detector will capture sounds your device's microphone, analyze the audio and playback any anomalies detected.

The ghost detector graphs are indicating the base level of noise from FM bands and the microphone - if an anomaly has been detected, the second set of graphs will display the wavelengths. The processing time can vary and depends on your device's processor unit. Similar devices are used by paranormal investigators and can help to evaluate a spirits intention.

The UI makes now better use of your device's space. The entries are not limited anymore and can be individually removed. So about an hour ago 4 of my friends and myself went up to a location in Azusa Azusa canyon road known for having spiritual activity. But tonight my buddy brought out this app. This stuff is very common up this road as people tend to drive it very fast around the twists and turns. But the reason I was compelled to write this review is because as we drove off I made a comment that was rather blunt about how the spirit using those words probably was struck and killed and left for dead.

I realized as soon as I finished that I had said it really bluntly.

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I feel as if I was too blunt and that was the way the spirit was telling me to shut up. Truly a very cool experience. I recommend for people who are skeptical to give this a shot and see what you might come up with. It was so crazy because it told us all before we even google it. Stay safe and have fun!

I started using this app with my coworkers as a joke as the restaurant we work in is supposedly haunted and it was all fun and games up until a certain point. It was a really slow day so we were all gathered around the phone and it started saying some irrelevant stuff and we all laughed. Then the phone began to display the names of our family members. The app captures audio, video, and analyzes it for you. The app does the work so you can keep your eyes on potential ghost-activity. The app organizes all your files so you can easily transfer them to your laptop later for further analysis.

So, if your app's EMF meter spikes suddenly in that abandoned warehouse, you better start recording! The iEMF app is for beginning ghost-hunters. It's helpful in detecting the size and changes in the environment's magnetic field. The pro version of the app lets you measure the field's strength in various units and take into account the earth's ambient field.

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Possibly the most important feature of iEMF is its backlit display. This way, you're not fumbling with a flashlight when you encounter a ghost.


The Ghosthunting Toolkit app's new updates make it an indispensable tool in your paranormal arsenal. The app works faster now with a redesigned user interface.

1. Ghost Observer

The Toolkit is comprised of five tools that can be used at any time ghosts don't just come out at night!