About Us


EHLP was founded to make access to credible and authoritative information easier. Our platform allows individuals in China to directly consult with US-based providers by overcoming barriers like travel restrictions, high cost, and language differences. We believe this is the critical first step towards making informed healthcare decisions that are potentially life-changing.

While our current mission is to smoothly bridge the healthcare information gap between the world’s two largest economies, our vision is to create a global platform that will be central to managing a family’s short and long-term well-being.

Our Solution


We created a simple, self-directed telehealth platform connecting China and the US.

Find, book, pay, and consult with US specialists in app with ease.


Our Team

Norris Liu

Founder & CEO

Duendara Limthanakul

Co-Founder & Partnership Development

Daniel Qiao, MD

Translation Services

Our Advisors

David Jin, MD, PHD

CEO & President, Avalon GloboCare Corp

Allen Dollar, MD, FACC, FACP

Chief of Cardiology, Grady Memorial Hospital Assistant Prof. Cardiology, Emory School of Medicine

George Hsu, MD

CMO, Cathaid Pediatric Emergency Physician, Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Assistant Prof., Augusta University.

Michael Sengbusch

CEO & Cofounder, Eletype.
CTO-in-Residence, ATDC.

Tad Mielnicki

Global digital security expert.

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